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8 June 2021


I want to send you a short note to bring to your attention the excellent service Mr. X brought to us. Without his assistance we would still be in SA with our firearms. The baggage agents do not know what they are doing and issue different rules coming and going. Mr. X was a blessing and a very pleasant person to talk with. He is a wonderful asset as a representative of your company.

My sincere apologies for this total mix up of payment. After Discover credit card told me they would honor charges made in SA, we later found out that Discover only has a very small presence in SA and most likely will not be accepted in most places. Even tho I used it to make the trip payments it would not work while in SA for final payments, shop purchases, or hospital Covid tests. The Master Cards worked fine all over.

JC Blauvelt Gunsmith, Inc.

Letter from Our Client:

Subject: Shull Visit/s

Hello Elize,

We just wanted to send a very hearty and sincere THANK YOU to you personally and your whole team at Afton House during our two visits. And of course all of the correspondence and reservations that Charney did before we arrived.

We certainly enjoyed our visit and meeting you and your outstanding hospitality during our stay. We thoroughly enjoyed it after our cruise and hunt on East Cape, and our trip to Kruger/Timbavati with Mthandeni….he was great too!!

Pam certainly enjoyed your company while I was gone and enjoyed the beautiful estate that Richard has really improved since our last visit!!  Pam was not expecting the in airport greeting, curbside pick up and luggage to room service we received from your team….read more

On a scale of 0 to 10 , what is the likelihood that clients would recommend us to friends and family?

Dr Shiva – 10

Cupacy – 10

Hobbs – 10

Laston – 10

Delwave – 10

Mike – 10

Wilson – 10

Jokar – 10

Russell – 10

Tom – 10

Careau – 10

Ryan – 10

Meyer – 10

Lewgi – 10

Jrg – 10

kcupton – 10

Lew – 10

Annette – 10

Ross -10



R Gillow-10






Todd & Kim -10



J W Mayes-10



Heinz -10

Cah -10

Gary -10

Ken Chaplin -10




Lat Wood-10


Russ- 10

Albert- 10

Judy Shaw- 10






Tomand – 10

Darren – 10

Odes – 10

In one brief sentence what was the highlight of your stay?

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Afton Safari Lodge
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 83 reviews
by Tim Woolery on Afton Safari Lodge

Good afternoon.

I have nothing but accolades for the Afton House and the great team of people who work there. Using your VIP service to get through the airport and the rifle permits was amazing! Thank you and I would highly recommend your services to everyone coming to Africa.

Tim Woolery
Vice President of Sales
Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc.

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

Good morning. Lori and I thank you for your hospitality- Keep up the good work, the great business you are providing. We also enjoyed our stay at the Afton Safari Lodge, Elise was very accommodating and treated us like family. Everything was clean and tidy as well as welcoming.

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

Dear Charney,
The Afton looks beautiful! What an amazing transformation you've done! As always, I will continue to suggest the Afton to all of my clients.

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

There is no other place like Afton

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

Food, Delicious

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

In one brief sentence what was the highlight of your stay?

The dinner and being by the fire.

by Kathy S on Afton Safari Lodge

Check-in: Awesome Lobby Quick Check-in Welcoming Friendly Staff

Your room: Good Wifi View Nice Bed Clean Great Amenities Spacious Quiet

Location: Quiet Safe Good eats

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

The Afton property is a visual delight with food and service beyond expectations!

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

Just continue the good work!!!!Thanks for everything!

by Guest on Afton Safari Lodge

We always enjoy staying with you because we feel at home and part of the family.

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