Subject: Shull Visit/s


Hello Elize,

We just wanted to send a very hearty and sincere THANK YOU to you personally and your whole team at Afton House during our two visits. And of course all of the correspondence and reservations that Charney did before we arrived.

We certainly enjoyed our visit and meeting you and your outstanding hospitality during our stay. We thoroughly enjoyed it after our cruise and hunt on East Cape, and our trip to Kruger/Timbavati with Mthandeni….he was great too!!

Pam certainly enjoyed your company while I was gone and enjoyed the beautiful estate that Richard has really improved since our last visit!!  Pam was not expecting the in airport greeting, curbside pick up and luggage to room service we received from your team….this is really comforting for international travelers…and we both really appreciate and enjoy the respite your delightful estate offers to travelers!!

We are finally getting settled and back on local time…it has taken forever this time. We were really exhausted after the hunt and Timbavati tours and your lodge offered us time to relax and catch up before the long flights.  They were LONG but we made it.  I have now had my first cataract surgery….which should have been done before departure. All is well and next one in two weeks….then I will have eagle vision again!!

We are wishing you a very successful and fast recovery from your hip surgery. Pam was asking about you just the other day.

Hi to Wisdom and to and his fine cooking.   Also HI to Marius…we always enjoy his smile and enthusiasm at airport pick up and departures.  Your team adds the personality to the estate…

If your travels ever bring you to the Northwest US, please feel free to visit us.


Best Regards,

Steve and Pam Shull